How to be successful in life: 3 things you must do.

This will probably be me rambling on but in my mind and experience, I believe I figured it out. There are probably better words to choose from in order to be successful but I am going to choose three that are relevant to me.

I have read so many articles or watched a lot of those inspirational videos on Youtube and I understood what each one was conveying but I was never able to use it in my daily life. As far as I could remember, I would wonder why my peers were always more successful then me. Why was it so easy for them to do so much and surpass me every time. I would study but there was always someone to receive a better grade. I practiced my music but of course the next person could play better. The one that is clawing at me today is promotions in the work place. I do everything right, so why am I still in the current position? Let’s add the gym as well. Sure I go and on most days I eat very healthy but I see no results.

I had an Aahaa moment and it was not like I didn’t know how to be successful. I knew it because I was taught it by a plethora of people but it just never kicked in. I only kicked myself when I started watching others achieve all that I dreamed. To understand, I had to put it in my own words and write it down.

So you ask what are the ways to be successful? Like anything in life, it will require a lot of hard work. For me it will be very hard in the beginning but I think I can manage.

First you will need to be Consistent: I have set probably 100 goals, in just this pass year for myself. My goals consisted of: going to the gym every day and becoming toned, get a promotion, learn Spanish, save thousands and earn my bachelors degree. None of those goals are so far left that they are unattainable, so why haven’t I accomplished any of them. I would create the goal and maybe a week or a month later I would loose focus. I would stop being consistent and I would tell myself, I’ll do it tomorrow or I’ll restart next month. Instead of sticking to it, I stopped. If I thought about it, I would have been toned by now if I kept to it in January. My promotion would have happened, if I stuck to my goals and I would have saved more money, if I didn’t buy that gift or hair products. It’s all about staying consistent and sticking to your goals. Never create a goal that is unattainable. Saving thousands is attainable, if you stop purchasing things that are not needed. I do save more then I spend now. Out of all of my goals, this is the one that will be reached. It took me longer then expected but I’ve kept to it. If I would have been a little more consistent, I would have surpassed my goal.


Second you will need to be Determined: Do you really want to achieve your goal or is it something someone else wants you to do ? Or are you just setting unrealistic goals? If you say yes to those, then you may have a hard time. You have to be determined to reach your goal. I’ve learned if you half (butt) your work then you will not see any results.  There is no reason to keep going if you won’t give it 100%. The saying go hard or go home is very relevant when it comes to being successful. The gym members you see with the bulging muscles or the flat abs, did not gain those muscles just by saying I’ll go for a week and then 2 weeks I’ll take a break and maybe I’ll just start again next month. This is what I do, I’ll lift weights and then I’ll do the right number of sets and sometimes I’ll lower the weights to make it easier. It doesn’t work that way, if I want to have muscles, you have to put all of your energy towards it, even if it sucks for 30 seconds. I can guess that, all of gym members, set a goal for themselves and said no matter what I will accomplish this goal. Say it’s work related, and you drip it in your head, I will get promoted this month! I will work harder and no matter the long nights it will happen. If your determined to win or determined to reach your goals it will happen. This is something that you need to be successful. You can not win if you give up every time.

Lastly you you will need to be Confident: I wonder if I am the only person that struggles with this. Every successful person had some sort of confidence, when their goals were met. Let’s face it, in the world today if you are not confident,in your everyday actions, people will focus on someone else who is confident. You can be the smartest person, but if your confidence is lacking it will be hard to move forward. My promotion, calls for a confident person, who could lead others and get the mission done. Yes, I know what I must do but my confidence is weak at times. I can be a very passive person and that to people means I am not confident in what I do. Out of these 3 tips, this is my hardest one to achieve. Standing up in front and allowing others to see me and possibly judge me, I rather hide in the back. I know that I can’t do this, so I have to just shut down everything else and not care what others think. We are here to make mistakes and with those mistakes you will gain confidence.

All three of these steps go hand in hand. Once you have your goals set and you continue to follow your steps, each step will be followed with determination to succeed and confindence will come naturally. I believe when you know something very well, you will do better, not only on that goal but personally. For example, I am working hard in the gym and I start to see muscles that I never had before. Not only, will I feel confident in my work out abilities but in myself as well. I know that if I had a flat stomach with abs, I would be happier when it came time to choose a bathing suit. I also know that, when I reach my goals at my job and learn as much as possible, I will feel more confident leading and standing in the front.

Maybe, these steps won’t work for you but in my eyes they are very important. They are based on my experience and I will continue to follow.


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