I’m natural and I’m never going back….again!

I started my natural hair journey in June 2010 and I continued down the natural path until June 2015. In 2015, I put a perm in my hair so that I could make it through basic training without having to struggle with my natural hair. It was manageable but let’s just say the perm didn’t take all the way, so my hair looked crazy for 3 months. During, the first 5 years natural (it seems like such a long time) I put heat toward it. I also did not do everything I could to have healthy growth. 

I then went on to training for 2 more months and then overseas  for a year. So around that time I decided to grow my hair back again. I did everything wrong, while I transistioned. I used heat, I barley detangled my hair and I wore so much gel it could be used as a helmet. In November 2016, I said enough and did the big chop, so I had maybe 15 months of new growth but I cut more then I should on some parts and my front was a bit damaged from the heat, so I cut even more.

Again, I started off bad again. I have to wear my hair in a bun for the most part, so that’s how I kept it from November 2016 until a few months ago. From the buns pulling my edges out, I also got braids and that didn’t help any. I did deep condition and use the right products but I had to go and repair once again.

So here I am presently, restarting my journey the right way. I have a regimen that I follow and it seems to be working wonderfully. I am happy with the growth and it’s only been a few months. I know the length my hair is capable of and with a healthy regimen, I will surpass that length.

I will not go back to perms because I regretted it a great deal. If I want it straight I know how to do so and there is no chemicals involved. I know just wear in 4 braids with my natural hair.

Here is a few pictures of my hair over the years. The first 3 are from my first big chop. The cover photo and the last is my hair currently. As you can see my hair stayed shoulder length because of the heat and being sisscor happy!

Can you see the beauty in it?

Can you see the beauty in it?

I know I can. I can see that person who may have been looked down upon or pushed away. I see the beauty in them regardless of what others think. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I would have to agree. Is appearance everything or is what’s inside the most important?

I can see the beauty in the earth, the flowers that surround me and the beautiful vista that I am lucky enough to encounter. I beat myself up because I want to see so much but I know I need to find the time. What if I miss my opportunity to see all that the world has to offer!

I see the beauty in it because it’s in me. I am finding my true calling and I can’t ignore the beauty in the world. The many cultures and countries that I would enjoy seeing. The beauty to me is having a open heart and accepting all that life has to offer. Travel the world and have no regrets!

Photos that I took in South Korea. A very beautiful country with amazing people as well.