My fitness journey!

I usually have a new goal, almost every 3 days or so. Most of them I do not stick to and some, I actually go the distance. Weight lifting is turning out to be one of those goals, that I can see myself going the distance with.

Just a bit about my current fitness level. I am on a get fit journey. Working out is the easy part. Finding the right food to eat while deployed is very hard. Our food is limited, so I make due with what is served. Currently, I am about 136lbs and I am 5’1. I am loosing a few lbs here and there but I’ll like to tone up more.

I have family members who are dealing with health issues that, I know could be contributed to poor dieting and lack of working out. If I can prevent that I will at least try to. Another reason, I am committed to my journey is because I am in the military. It is possible to be unfit in the military but it is frowned upon. I want to be able to max my push ups or run 2 miles in 15:00 minutes and still have energy. I pass all of my fitness test but there is always something inside that says, you can do better. Lastly, I want to feel great about my overall health and fitness. My body deserves to be taken care of and I want to commit to that.

I am trying new things when it comes to working out. Cardio was my go to when it came to my work outs. I would run distance or do sprints but I never went to the weights. The treadmill called my name and the weights section just stared at me and would say “Don’t even think about it”. I guess that was mostly in my head but I was honesty afraid to tackle weights. Mainly, I did not know much about different weights or how to use it them in my excercise. Dumbells, I could get away with and I usually chose a weight that was very low. I was self conscious when I went into the gym, so treadmill or a simple glute or thigh machine would work for me.

Now, my confidence is peaking some and I am falling in love with lifting heavy weights. I am just a beginner but I like to set goals and see myself accomplish it. It makes me feel good when I can lift certain weights. I also love how it tones your body. I didn’t appreciate my abs just 5 years ago but I will when they finally come back.

Bench press: I’ve always was told I had muscular arms but I’ve never thought that maybe I should try lifting. That would make them bigger and more people would make jokes about it, so I turned that idea down. That was in the past, everything has changed. Without ever lifting heavy weights, my upper body is stronger then my lower. I currently bench press and I love it. I started with just the bar and I was shaking like a feather. My first time was around April of this year. I swore that was it because I couldn’t even do the bar. The bar is about 45lbs, but I didn’t quit,  I kept going. For the past two months, I’ve been working on lifting more and breaking my own personal goals. Currently I can lift around 110lbs and I plan to do more. I focus on that weight and when I feel ready I go up a few lbs.

Barbell Squats: When I squat, I’m always thinking about my form. I’ve seen many videos on how to squat properly so I won’t injure myself. I’ve come a long way with these as well. The military has shown me that, you have to be able to lift certain weight. I am expected to be able to lift and carry a grown man with his gear to safety. In my mind, I want to accomplish that task if it ever comes into play. Squatting is allowing me to see that it is possible. I started again with just the bar and I worked myself up to 154lbs.

The last few months, I’ve grown to love heavy lifting. No, I am no where near most of the females, I admire on instagram but you have to start somewhere. It is awesome to see females lift heavy. I would like to tone my body and have what I call Angela Bassett arms.  Seeing so may females lift heavy has allowed me to realize, that it’s not just for men but for females just like me. Eventually, I would like to try more excercises like deadlifts but I want to get the form down first. I am happy with my progress. I plan on continuing and see my body transform in a beautiful way.